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Impacts of Technology

Conference Report | 5th - 7th May '15 | Karlsruhe Institut of Technology










"talKIT is an amazing experience! I took part in talKIT because I wanted to meet new people, to interact with them and I wanted to discover and explore technology."

Suvit Porwal | TU Eindhoven


"talKIT is bringing together the best students from around the world with companies to innovate business models in an efficient way."

Philipp Pauquet | University of Cologne


"I am quite certain we’re gonna have some people here at this very talKIT event who will change the world in one shape of form."

Dr. Stefan Groß-Selbeck | BCG Digital Ventures


"talKIT is one of the best student-run conferences! I met many organizers and participants and I can say that they are very enthusiastic people."

Luca Bruschi | Microsoft

Dr. Markus Lorenz | BCG

“Industry 4.0 is not that much of a revolution, it is rather evolutionary.
Now we combine software and automation. There are potentials that we estimate to be over 100 Billion Euro for Germany alone.”

talKIT is not only about inspiring talks and interactive discussions, it is an event tailored to discover technology and connect with people around the world. Every year our team sets up a program full of unconventional side events such as factory tours, hardware workshops or technology fairs to make your time at talKIT a memorable one.

Richard Kühnel | European Commission

“Gene technology is about manipulating living beings for the sake of improving them. Scientists explore the outer boundaries and they will continue to do so. Politically we have to take into consideration what the democratic foundation of our society is ready to bear and accept.”

Karlsruhe Palace – one of the highlights of day one. After an intense program this is the perfect spot to deepen talks, meet other participants and our team as well as to make new friends while enjoying some delicious finger food and refreshing drinks.

Prof. Dr. Werner Schreiber | Volkswagen AG

“With augmented reality we have the possibilities to use different channels of human perception so that humans perceive information better and can control different industrial processes better.“

To top off day two, we invite you onto our rooftop. Accompanied by live piano music you enjoy a lovely view on the campus of KIT, have relaxed conversations and get motivated for following day and night!


“To me entrepreneurship is building a trusting community with people that you want to work with and building a life for yourself.
If you are looking for role models look for people who have failed and failed very hard and never make those mistakes.”

See you next year!